Beyond the Lense interactive Museum in Pigeon Forge

Beyond the Lens in the Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains

Technology and entertainment collide at the interactive Beyond the Lens Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Visit over 150 exhibits that combine games and pop culture for a fun-filled day out. Walk the red carpet, get an inside look at the Royal Family, play augmented reality and VR games, hunt for Bigfoot, and much more at the huge complex.

Enjoy fantastical scenarios at Beyond the Lens. Receive a digital photo download of your experience Fun for children and adults of all ages Discover a new kind of Techno-Tainment™

Beyond the Lens Museum is interactive.  Great for a raining day in Pigeon Forge.

Beyond the Lens

Beyond the Lens explores pop culture with interactive games, photo-ops and “techno-tainment”. While techno-tainment will celebrate questionable decision-making, such as allowing attendees to pose like Kim Kardashian under an arc of champagne, jump into an adult-sized bubble pit and pose like they were in a police line-up. After all, who doesn’t want to come on vacation and reenact scenes from the “Law and Order” franchise?

Interactive exhibits including 2-minute escape rooms, the JFK conspiracy, virtual & augmented reality games, a hunt for Bigfoot, an irresistible alien egg ball pit, and an unbelievable amount of crazy fun photo ops! You can be pictured on LA’s famous Rodeo Drive with $50 million dollars and get an inside look at the Royal family. Test your gaming skills on classic and current video games and take part in an augmented reality scavenger hunt for celebrity pets. Then take a deep dive into the facts and most popular conspiracy theories behind some of the biggest crimes in American history, guaranteed to start conversations.

A little pricy but good for groups and families.

FlyRide is great for the entire family.  Disney style stay in your seat but explore the world.

FlyRide adventure is at Beyond the Lens. Riders will soar over mountains and skim over lakes on a journey above the most popular landmarks in America! This free-floating ride glides and tilts, making you feel like you’re actually flying above the landmarks! It features full-motion seats that dip, turn, and soar, a giant 4-story, curved screen, and wind, scents, and other amazing effects. The ride features 22 national landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Las Vegas.