Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Check in is 4 PM or later

Check out time is 10 AM
Our housekeepers have between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM to get all of their cabins cleaned.  In order to do this in the most efficient manner, they need to map out their routes accordingly.  It would not be feasible for our housekeeper to clean a cabin, then go all the way across town and back to Legacy Mountain Resort.
In order for her to do a good job cleaning, she needs to have ample time at each cabin.  Our housekeeper has several cabins for several different people.  
In addition, we only have between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM to get all our routine maintenance completed.  It seems like we are constantly trying to get things done to the cabin and we only have these few hours to complete them.
If there is a couple of days between guests, we normally try to get larger maintenance projects done.   

Most of our vacation home rentals hold up to 4 adults (2 couples) and 4 children.  See individual cabin for details.  We do have an additional fee for any adult in your group over 4 adults or 6 adults depending on the cabin.

Some of our vacation cabins do allow pets (Kiss the Clouds, Our Smoky Mountain View and Smoky Mountain Splendor).   There is an additional charge for pets.   There are certain things we do ask if you are traveling with your pet.  Some are listed here.  Your pet must be crate trained.  Pets are to be crated while you sleep or if you need to leave them alone in the cabin for any reason.  Please clean up after your pet.  Your pet must be on a flea and tick program.   We ask that you keep your pets off the furniture.  

You are welcome to bring a pet to any of our pet friendly cabins and pay the pet fee.  However, emotional support animals are not covered by the ADA nor does Tennessee recognize emotional support animals as service animals.  They are covered by the fair housing act (permanent residences).  Please see this article.  Where Can I Take Emotional Support Animals? – ESA Doctors

There is a combination lock on the front door.  You will get a 4-digit code about three days prior to your arrival.  There is no need to go to any office.  Please do not leave for your vacation without a code for the door.

The directions will be emailed to you 3-5 days prior to your stay if we have a signed rental agreement, credit card on file for the soft hold security deposit and the pet fee paid when applicable.


Your back up key code will be emailed to you between 3 and 4 PM on the day of your arrival.


When on the cabin rentals page, scroll down to the section where you can input your dates.  Fill out the form and then click the “Book Now” or “Inquiry” button.   
If you have booked directly or through VRBO, your second payment will come off of your credit card two weeks prior to your stay.  AirBnB has its own payment terms.

Your final payment as well as your security deposit hold will be automatic if you have booked directly on our website or booked through VRBO.  AirBnB collects all payments and does not use our payment terms. If you have booked through AirBnB, you will need to give us a credit card for your soft hold security deposit.

You must provide a credit card for your security hold (preauthorization).  The card on file will have a soft hold placed on it (this is not an actual charge) a day prior to your arrival.  This is a soft hold that will fall off a week after your check out if there are no issues (this will not actually show up on your statement).  My software management program may drop the charge and reinstate during the week.  This is normal.  Please do not use a debit card.  If you use a debit card, the security deposit will be taken out of your account and held by your bank.  It is then up to your banks processing times when your deposit will be put back into your account.  Please do not call us if you have used a debit card.  Call your bank.   Please note that we stopped taking America Express due to the high merchant fees.

We understand that things do come up. We hope you understand that we depend on the rental income to pay the bills. We simply cannot afford to issue refunds if there is not enough time between your cancellation and the date of your stay to rent the property to another guest. 


We give a 94% refund if cancelled 60 days prior to your stay.  After that date, all money put towards your stay will be forfeited.

We offer a 10% military, senior and returning guest discount.  Thank you for serving our country.

You can get travel insurance by going to:  https://www.travelprotection.insure/204.html.  Please read the policy to make sure it covers everything that may come up.


  • There will be towels for the kitchen and bath available in the cabin.  We ask that you bring your own towels for the hot tub or pool if applicable.  
  • Linens will also be provided.  
  • You will get a starter supply of toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, dishwasher soap and laundry detergent.   You should bring your own toiletries including soap and shampoo.  
  • Our kitchens are equipped with everything you will need to prepare your food except spices and the food.  We also suggest you bring left over containers. 
  • We do supply things like hair dryers in the bathrooms and fans in the bedrooms.  However, sometimes these items disappear.  So, if you must have them, I would pack them. 
  • Most of our cabins have a pack n play.  We do not always know when someone uses the pack n play.  So, we suggest pulling them out much earlier than bedtime to see what condition the last guest who used the pack n play left it in.  We do not provide baby gates.
  • Most of our cabins have either a highchair or a chair that you strap to a chair for little ones.  Breathtaking View does not have a highchair or a chair you put on a seat for the little ones.  All the others do.
  • We also have a dog crate in each of our Pet Friendly Cabins.  They will hold up to a 55-pound dog.

All of our Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals have wireless internet.

There is a park style charcoal grill at the cabin.

There is no fire pit at the cabin.  If you booked “Kiss the Clouds”, “Breathtaking View”, “Nothin’ But Views” or “Our Smoky Mountain View”, there is a fireplace up at the amenities. Center.  You are welcome to bring your own wood and have a fire.  There are picnic tables for you to utilize.  If you are staying at “Kiss the Clouds”, there is also a fireplace at the amenities center.  As long as there is no wedding going on, you are welcome to utilize the fireplace.  There are rocking chairs in the pavilion.  You can purchase wood from the local grocery stores.  “Smoky Mountain Splendor” has a fire pit out back for you to utilize.

We have irons in each of our cabins.  However, sometimes they seem to go missing.

We have hair dryers in each of the cabins.  However, occasionally someone will accidently pack the hair dryer before they leave, and we do not notice that it is gone.

We try to have everything in the kitchen you may need to prepare your meals except the food and spices.  There is usually a very limited supply of spices.  There is a crock pot in each cabin.  This is not something our cabin inspector nor our cleaners check to make sure it is in working condition, however.  So, if it is not working and the guest didn’t tell us it isn’t working, we have no idea.  Crock pots seem to last forever though.  And ours are not that old.

 We have both a regular coffee pot and a single cup coffee maker at each cabin.  We also have a little k cup basket so you can use your coffee grounds in the single serve coffee maker.

Cleanliness & Housekeeping

We are taking extra precautions to maintain a clean environment in our cabins.  We have initiated many new standards.  We have asked our cleaners to do things like 


  1. Sanitizing the pillow shams and comforters every clean.  
  2. Sanitizing every surface.  
  3. Pay extra attention to high traffic areas such as light switches, doorknobs, cabinet handles, and other commonly touched surfaces.
  4. Spraying the cloth surfaces with disinfectant.  
  5. We have purchased air purifiers with germicidal UV lights to kill germs in the air. 
  6. We put our extra pillows and sheets in either plastic bags or under bed storage containers to keep them fresh and clean.

The cleaning fee is to provide you with fresh linens when you arrive and to take away your trash after you depart.  There is no daily maid service.  If you need fresh towels or someone to take away your trash during your stay, there will be an additional charge.  We ask that you leave the cabin in as good a shape as you found it.  Please do not leave dishes in the sink or trash in the cabin.

Our Housekeepers will take your trash when they clean the cabin at the end of your stay.  There are public trash drop off stations that are free if you would like to drop your trash off during your stay.

If we are not having issues with the water levels in our wells, the hot tub is drained and cleaned after each guest. 

Sevier county has a single stream recycling program.  No need to separate everything.  



Outdoor Facilities & Area

There is space out front for 3 small cars.  Angle in so you are not sticking out into the roadway.

All of our cabins put up a small tree and a few decorations on the mantle.  We do not go overboard with a lot of decorations, but we do decorate for Christmas.

Most of our cabins roadways are easily navigated.  However, it is a mountainous area, so you may encounter a short distance where you need to ascend a hill.  “Kiss the Clouds” cabin does have a requirement of 4-wheel drive or chains in the snow and ice.  The last three miles of your journey to the Preserves Resort are windy up and down roads.  “Smoky Mountain Splendor” has a driveway that is a little steep for a very short period of time.  You can see the driveway at the beginning of the video.  All roadways are paved.


If you are renting a cabin in Legacy, here is a video of the roadways.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-126Jc7cKI

Some of our mountain vacation homes have access to the resort’s seasonal outdoor swimming pool.  The pool is not heated.  It is open from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend.
Smoky Mountain Splendor does not have a resort swimming pool.  There is a swimming pool at Honeysuckle campground – about 14 minutes down Wears Valley Road.   Kiss the Clouds does not belong to the resort swimming pool.  It belongs to Honeysuckle.

Most of our cabins are in a resort setting.  There are many cabins close to each other.  However, once inside, you will not even notice the neighbors.  The cabins are very well built to block out the sound.  When we first went looking for our vacation cabin, we thought we wanted something secluded.  However, we find the roadways and amenities in resorts outweighed the desire to be alone in the woods.  In addition, I have found myself alone with the kids in one of our vacation homes and thankful for the other people being around.  “Smoky Mountain Splendor” is our most private cabin on 2/3 of an acre backing up to a farm.

The average snowfall in the area is about 2 inches in January and 2 inches in February.  Prior to January, the ground is normally too warm for any snow to get any accumulation.

The entrance to The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is under 15 miles from any of our cabins for rent.